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LAX To San Diego - San Diego To LAX

A Picture Of Down Town San Diego

The city of San Diego is located 110 miles from LAX international Airport. It is just a 2.5 hour drive from LAX to San Diego. Driving to San Diego can be very awesome ride since you will go through Orange County. There you can drop by for a cup of coffee.At San Diego you can travel 17 mile north and you will find the USA/Mexico border.San Diego is indeed one of the most beautiful cool places you can visit anytime. It is located on the pacific coast of California a host to well known remarkable beaches, park and restaurants. San Diego has an equally warm climate to relax and walk around. Talking about parks and you can find the World Famous Balboa Park. Read More  

LAX To Santa Barbara - Santa Barbara To LAX

A Picture Of Santa Barbara

The city of Santa Barbara is situated 98 miles from LAX international Airport. If you are intending to take a ride from LAX to Santa Barbara it will probably take 2 hours. The city of Santa Barbara is in the central coast of California with dramatic Ynez Mountains. The downtown Santa Barbara is characterized with Mediterranean style building with copper red-tile roofs which are a reflection of the deep Spanish heritage associated with the city. On lining State Street they are stores and restaurants offering a lot of service to the community and visitor who visit the city of Santa Barbara. Read More  

LAX To Anaheim - Anaheim To LAX

A Picture Of Disneyland Park

Anaheim is a great town that attracts many people. Different people from different places visit Anaheim. A good number of people travel from LAX to Anaheim Driving distance from LAX to Anaheim is 53km. Apart from the distance, of course, you need road driving direction from LAX to Anaheim. Knowing the direction will make it even easier for you to move from LAX to Anaheim.  There are different ways and means by which you can go to Anaheim. You can opt to fly from LAX. When you’re driving to Anaheim it is necessary to know the distance and travel time. Read More  

LAX To Orange County - Orange County To LAX

A Picture Of Orange County

Orange County is located in South California. It is the third most populated county in California and 6th most popular county in the United States. The county has three largest cities which include; Anaheim, Irvine and Santa Ana. Each city is visited by thousands of tourists every year. There are 34 cities located in Orange County. This County is famous for being the home county of Knott’s Berry Farm, Disneyland and popular beaches that stretch across 40 miles of county’s coastline. A good number of Orange County’s residents live in of the two valleys, the Saddleback and Santa Anal Valley. Read More  

LAX To Santa Monica - Santa Monica To LAX

A Picture Of Santa Monica Pier

Los Angeles is one of the most famous cities in the world, but it owes much of its fame to the surrounding communities. Take, for instance, the famous Santa Monica Pier. A Los Angeles landmark, the Santa Monica Pier isn’t in Los Angeles at all - it’s in Santa Monica, of course! So it’s no wonder that many “Los Angeles vacations” are actually spent in places like Santa Monica. Santa Monica is one of the most famous resort towns in the world (even if so many people think of it as part of Los Angeles), and for good reason. The city features stunning beaches, an iconic pier, great food and drinks, and plenty of luxurious places to stay. Read More  

LAX To Newport Beach - Newport Beach To LAX

A Picture Of Newport Beach

South of Los Angeles and along the shore lies one of Southern California’s most beautiful and vibrant communities. The shoreside city of Newport Beach is a beautiful place to live and an incredible place to visit. Its idyllic weather and many tourist attractions - including several piers and a port filled with breathtaking ships - make it a popular destination for the huge numbers of tourists that come in and out through Los Angeles International Airport every year. Luckily, reaching Newport Beach from LAX isn’t tough - the trip from the busy airport terminals to the peaceful seaside town takes only about an hour, though it can be a bit shorter or longer depending on the intimidating Los Angeles traffic and whether or not you choose to navigate yourself or rely on a professional car service. Read More  

LAX To Irvine - Irvine To LAX

A Picture Of Irvine

Nestled in California’s world-famous Orange County is Irvine, California, a small city with big reasons to visit. Affluent and beautiful, Irvine is a wonderful place to shop, relax, explore, and live. Tourists visiting the Los Angeles area are drawn to Irvine’s museums and famous mall, while locals love living in a comfortable community so close to a thriving metropolis. Over 200,000 people live in Irvine’s gorgeous homes and walk its beautiful streets, and it’s not hard to see why. Irvine is one of the most beautiful communities in the Los Angeles area, and it’s well worth a visit if you’re going on vacation in Southern California. Read More  

LAX To Malibu - Malibu To LAX

A Picture Of Malibu

Malibu: the name itself conjures up the image of gorgeous beaches, gorgeous people, and lots and lots of celebrities. Located west of Los Angeles along the scenic Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu is a stunningly beautiful beach community where movie stars share space with die-hard surfers. This is where Barbie and Ken live their fictional lives, and where real-life superstars hit the beach and relax in luxurious homes. It’s also a place that calls to tourists from all over the country and the world. It’s easy to see why. Read More