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The Most Luxurious - Private Car Service To And From LAX Airport

Executive Lincoln Town Car New 2015 Tesla
Economic - Professional
New 2015 Cadillac Escalade Mercedes Benz S-Class
Luxury - Business Class
Stretch Lincoln Limousine Cadillac Escalade Limousine
Family Class - City Tour Class - Party Class
Mercedes Benz Sprinter Party Buss
City Tour Class - Party Class - Family Class

#1 Town Car Service For Pick Up At LAX

LAX car service MGCLS is the most luxurious car service for your LAX pick up and drop off in Los Angeles.
MGCLS has been providing services to all areas in Southern California for almost ten years now.
We are known for our excellent customer satisfaction, professionalism and efficiency in service delivery.
MGCLS luxury selection of cars is always well maintained and detailed.

Easiest Ways To Book Your Ride

Our online reservation system gets updated every 3 minutes. Therefore, within 3 minutes of booking your ride, you will be notified about your reservation by receiving a confirmation through email.

We also have 24 hour live persons on chat. This service makes it easy for our customers to book their rides and have their questions answered through chat. This method makes things way easier for on the go travelers. As soon as one gets into their flight to Los Angeles International airport or a few minutes to touchdown, they can always sit back and reserve their ride with us through chatting while still up in the air. Once the reservation is made, our cars will always be on standby awaiting our VIP to arrive.

Why Us ...?!

Last Minute Calls
Last Minute Calls

Last minute calls and last minute reservations happen very often in MGCLS LAX car service. We are used to this occurrence and will never hesitate to order a car for you even at the very last minute before you start your trip. We recommend that you call us as soon as you touch down at the LA airport so that our chauffeur gets there to pick you even before you get to the curbside.

We do train our drivers on last minute pick-ups at the LAX airport; hence, we guarantee that you will get a car to drop you at your preferred destination even if you call us at the very last minute. MGCLS is undoubtedly the fastest car service you can find in LA. Unlike the rest, we will never keep you waiting at the LAX airport.

24/7 Availability
24/7 Availability

MGCLS operates 24/7, so you can call or make online reservations with us at any time. This service is possible because our staff is always there to serve you and send you the confirmations of your bookings in less than 5 minutes.

Because of the quick confirmations, clients don't need to wait long or until the next day as happens in other companies. At MGCLS, we truly operate 24/7. This kind of operation means we appreciate your business, and we can thus answer all your questions. The 24/7 availability of LAX car service is intended to make you feel safe and relaxed while making your reservations at any time of the day with us. Our primary goal while coming up with the 24/7 availability was your satisfaction.

Nearest Company To LAX
Nearest To LAX

Among all those companies listed around the LAX airport, MGCLS LAX car service office is the nearest to the LAX airport. It is exactly 5 minutes from the LAX international airport, hence, when you call or place your order as a last minute pick up at the LAX airport, our dispatcher will send the driver immediately after you finalize your reservation.

Depending on the LAX traffic, you could be in your vehicle in between 10 to 20 minutes after you complete the reservation. Furthermore, all of our chauffeurs know the best ways to leave the LAX airport and get to the freeways.

Professional Drivers
Professional Drivers

MGCLS LAX car service is aware of the importance of hiring the best chauffeurs and keeping them all happy because they are the ones who represent the company on the ground. In light of this, all MGCLS car service drivers are professionally trained and experienced chauffeurs.

Our drivers always wear suits; failure to dress as stipulated by the rules will result in zero orders being assigned to an individual driver. Therefore, we can confidently say that all of our drivers have what it takes to be referred to as professional chauffeurs.

Clean Luxury Cars
Clean Luxury Cars

MGCLS has always been using clean and luxurious cars ever since it started operating and it still does. In the transportation business, you have to have new and updated vehicles and that is exactly what we have been doing to keep our clients happy and satisfied.

We wash our cars every day, sometimes twice a day before we send them to the various routes. Very often, the dispatcher instructs the driver to clean the cars during his shift.

Chat Reservation
Chat Reservation

Chat reservation is the easiest way to get price quotations, make the reservations, and also allow us to send you the confirmation number on the spot. One of the best ways to book your ride while you are still flying is through chat. However, that is only possible if you have The Internet on your flight. Let us make your journey to any destination of your choice safe and comfortable and get you there in style and on time.

Chat now

Our chatting system operates 24/7, so we guarantee that there will always be someone waiting to chat with you as soon as you click on chat.

Best Prices
Best Prices

We can guarantee that MGCLS has some of the best prices in the industry so far. It is also very easy for one to find to and from LAX quote within two steps either by entering a zip code or the name of the city.

If you are not going to LAX or traveling within the town of Los Angeles, do not hesitate to call our office at any time of the day or night. There is always someone available to respond to all your questions. We totally guarantee that no other company in the industry marches our prices in the kinds of services we offer.

Never Be Late
Never Be Late

Punctuality has always been one of the most important goals for LAX car service since the beginning. To avoid lateness, before we dispatch our chauffeurs to separate reservations, we change the pick-up times and make them 15 minutes earlier.

It is a rule in our business to be 15 minutes earlier than the scheduled time for any pick-up. Therefore, we push our drivers to be at the location between 15 to 20 minutes sooner than it shows on your reservation. All these measures just go to show how much we value your time.

Car Seat Availability
Car Seat Available

If you are traveling with your kid to and from LAX International airport and are going to need any special seats for the baby, MGCLS LAX car service will be sure to have the right car seat for your kid.

You don't need to take extra stuff with you. Concisely, MGCLS has infant car seats (rear facing), toddlers car seats (forward facing) and booster seat. MGCLS has special car seats for babies between the ages of 6 months and five years and is your best bet for taxi trips with kids involved.

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