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How can I use LAX Car Service MGCLS to meet my transportation needs?

You can click on the instant rate button to make a reservation.we created this form and you could make your reservation in 3 easy steps.if you have hard time to find your quote please call us and our friendly staff will be there for you to answer all your questions 24/7.
As soon as our phones ring (no delay at all) we have someone to help you and answer your question immediately.

How can I pay for my ride?

When you make a reservation online or by phone call we will ask for credit card and billing information then your credit card will be changed for the amount you agreed on your reservation on the same date on your reservation.
If you would like to pay us cash we still need your credit card and billing information to secure the order and you could pay cash for your ride when you are in our vehicle so you won't get charge on your credit card after you paid our driver in cash.remember we don't have paper receipt so our office will send you the receipt through your email.
We accept visa, master card and America express.

How can I make a reservation for someone else and pay for her/his ride?

Mgcls lax car service made it very easy for whom want to make a reservation for third party person by providing their credit card and billing information along with passenger information such as first and last name and phone number and if you are going to pay for the ride we will charge your credit card and our driver won't ask your client anything about the payment because our driver going to receive notification by our office regarding your order which is paid already and we call it prepaid reservation.

What is the cancellation policy?

MGCLS cancellation policy on small vehicles
Please cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to your pick up time so anytime after that you will lose your money. (If you make your booking within 24 hours to your pick up time you have only 2 hours to cancel your booking after that you will lose your money) For any changes on the existing reservation please notify us at least 12 hours prior to your pick up time.
MGCLS cancellation policy on big vehicles
Mgcls has different policy on big vehicles cancellation such as h2 hummer limousine,escalade limousine,party buses and all kind of stretch limousines,if you notify us 1 week. Before your trip date you won't get charged at all but anything between a week to your trip date you are going to lose 75% of your total on your reservation and if you cancel your limousine ride at the same day of your event, Mgcls car service will charge you full amount.

Can I pay for my ride directly to the driver?

sometimes people want to pay for their ride when they are in the vehicle,we understood this business and their decision put mgcls still required credit card to secure the reservation and we give you the ability to pay directly to our drivers either cash or credit card.

When can I book a ride?

For any lax airport pick ups,mgcls required 15 minutes to get the car ready for curbside pick up and 25 minutes to get the car ready for meet and greet ( still all depends on how busy we are on that day if we are busy or if there is a heavy traffic in lax airport,these times could changed ).
For any last minute reservation in the area of los angles,all depends on the location where you are and how far you are from our base ( mgcls base is right outside of Los Angeles airport ) so we could make it happen anytime between 30 minutes to 2 hours for any of our regular vehicles but not for our stretch limousines.

What is the mgcls on time guarantee?

We take a pride in our excellent on time record and make every effort to arrive at your location at least 15 earlier than pick up time.
We guarantee to be at your location right on time because our dispatcher will check our drivers 2 hours before any pick up time to be sure he is on route and he is heading to his pick up location but in case of any delay you will receive a phone call from our office and we will keep you updated minute by minute until your driver gets to your location ( but mgcls car service guarantee that your driver won't be late at all ).
Also we recommended our first time user clients to request receiving text message or phone call from our driver 2 hours prior to the pick up time and after that you could be safe and comfortable,your ride to going to be at your location on time.

What type of services are available?

One way & round trip to and from lax airport
One way & round trip transfer anywhere around the Los Angeles area
Hourly service
City tour
Night out
Sport event

What is the lost and found policy?

Mgcls drivers will check the vehicle after dropping off the customer so mgcls are not responsible for any items left behind but you always could check with our lost and found so if we found your item we will deliver it to you.

How can I confirm my ride?

When you receive confirmation number from mgcls car service we 100% guarantee that to be on time at your pick up location but still our clients could request a phone call one day before their reservation to confirm everything with us so please request to receive a phone call one day prior to your pick up date to confirm everything with you incase you want it.
We could also send email confirmation one day before if you want it and our friendly staff will be ready 24/7 for you if you decide to call us and confirm anything on your reservation.

When can I change my reservation?

You could change anything you want on your reservation if you notify us 12 hours prior to your pick up and you will be able to change the address on your reservation if you notify us 3 hours prior also if for any reason our driver arrives at the pick up location and you are not there or need more time to get ready you will be able to keep the driver waiting but it would be extra charge added to your original bill so to avoid any extra charges please notify our office ahead of time.( we have 15 minutes grace period after that will be extra charge )

How does the lax pick up work at mgcls car service?

If you book a meet and greet service with mgcls car service our driver will have a sign with your name on it Inside the terminal and you are going to meet your driver before you get to the baggage carousel area to pick up your luggages it means mgcls drivers will meet you even before you pick up your luggage so for any reason if you don't see your driver call us immediately and we will locate your driver ( for international arrivals you will past the custom first and then you will see your driver holding your name on the sign after you past the custom and security check point )
For domestic flight arrivals we have 1 hour of waiting time and after that for any reason if driver still waiting for you mgcls will charge extra for anything after 1 hour of your arrival time.
for international flight arrivals we have 2 hours of waiting time and after that for any reason if our Chauffuer still waiting for you it would be extra charge.
We are tracking your flight and we know exactly what time you arriving.
If you book a curbside pick up at lax with mgcls lax car service,right after you landed at lax our driver will contact you first through text or phone call so you could call your driver directly and meet him/her outside by the curbside and give your driver your exact location and your description about what you are wearing and make it easier for your driver to locate you easier.
Please remember if you are booking a ride for someone else You must give them these information if is going to be an airport pick ups,explain how curbside and meet and greet pick ups with mgcls lax car service.

What is the other charges?

For airport pick ups we got parking fee ( $3 to $5 ) and airport charter ticket fee ( $5 ).
We have toll road fee(if is more than $2) would be client responsibility.
for concerts and sports event if there is a parking fee it would be client responsibility ( if client decided to keep our driver at the parking lot ).

How does the point to point transfer work?

When you book a transfer ride from point to point we quoted you for your transfer only not any waiting time and any extra stops, it means our driver just take you from point to point also you got 10 minutes grace period but after that would be extra to keep your driver waiting.

How does the hourly service work?

When you hire mgcls car service to do hourly service for you we start the time as you are requesting when you make your booking and time will stop when we dropping you off at your last destination so you are going to be responsible about all the hours from begging till you are getting dropped off.
On hourly service our driver will be right around the area so anytime you call him he will be there in 5 minutes or less ( if there is a area for driver to park and wait he will be right outside waiting so you will see him after you step out,no need to call your driver ).