Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

The Los Angeles International Airport is in fact the biggest and the most busiest airport in the state of California.LAX is also one of the largest international airports in the entire United States.LAX is an IATA airport code used for identifying the airport.It is located on the southern part of Los Angeles along the Pacific Ocean stretch.

Operations at LAX are carried out on the watch of the Los Angeles World Airports an agency of the government of Los Angeles. Despite Greater Los Angeles having four more airports it receives a lot of traffic. In 2015 it was recorded that LAX receives approximately 80 million in passenger traffic. According to this figures LAX is ranked among the top 10 busiest airport in passenger traffic.

It is a host for major airlines such as the Alaska Airlines, Delta Air lines and Virgin America.The airport being the largest international airport on the U. S west Coast it serves as gateway to Europe, Asia and Latin America.


Back in 1928 the Los Angeles City Council designated 640 acres in the southern end of Westchester for the development of the new airport for the city. In those day science had not develop enough so the fields of wheat were transformed into dirt landing strips with no terminals.

The initial structure was developed and erected in 1929.This structure namely Hangar 1 is in the National Register of Historic Places.It was known as Mines Field which was attributed to William Mines the real estate agent arranged the Land.

Mines Field began its operation as an airport of Los Angeles in 1930.In 1937 the city bought it to be the municipal airfield.

Later in 1941 it was elevated to Los Angeles Airport then to Los Angeles International Airport in 1949.In1950 the Sepulveda was rerouted circa on the west ends of the extended runways to reach a length of 1800m long. In 1953 a tunnel was build enabling Sepulveda Boulevard to go straight and pass underneath the two runways.


It has 9 passenger terminals designed in a U shape. Terminals 4,5,6,7 and 8 are interlinked to the Tom Bradley International Terminal by an over ground passage between Terminal 4.Also there is an underground tunnel between Terminal 4,5,and 6.There is a ground walkways between Terminals 6,7 and 8.

There is also an air-side shuttle bus that connects Terminals 4, 6 and the American Eagle remote Terminal.LAX has 19200 square metres of cargo facilities and an additional heliport where operation are carried out by Bravo Aviation.


For Family

It does not have a children playing ground but there is a lot of option available for parents traveling with their children. With children you will need them to get entertained while waiting for a flight. If on a long layover you can consider visit the nearby surrounding beaches.

Traffic in Los Angeles can be hectic but you will still make it back to airport in time. It was designed in a way that it looks like a spaceship. This design enables the airport to have an observational deck that can be very amazing for children.

On the main terminal there is a museum which has a lot of exhibits and models that explain the history of aviation in the state of California.

For Business

It is the most business oriented airport in the US. With a lot of business type of travelers the airport has focus on provide service like free wifi, fax and printing service.This service entertain corporate staff since they continue with their work as they travel.

Business services around the Airport

  • Postal service: There is U.S Postal Service at 9029 Airport Blvd, Los Angeles, California 90009.
  • Wifi: Wifi are available around it provided by T-Mobile. Although there is a small cost of 10 cent is almost zero for the business people.
  • Internet Cafe: There is high speed internet station available at the airport.

Los Angeles LAX Airport Shops and Restaurants

It has a wide range of restaurants and shops in each and every terminal, with very delicious foods and awesome products.

  • TBIT: Restaurants are in plenty in this terminal with the likes of Daily Grill, Hamada Orient, Northside Bar and restaurant, Euro Coffee Café, Haagen Dazs, McDonald's Cafe, Sushi Boy, Cinnabon Café,Daniels Bistro, Bar Arrivals Café and Marina Bar.
  • Terminal 1: Restaurants here are the Gordon Biersch Brewery, Home Turf Bar, McDonald's, La Brea Bakery California Crush, Starbucks, Camacho's, Pinkberry Café and the Backlot Café. Shops here are Hudson News Kidsworks shop, Crews of California, Brookstone shop and See's Candies.
  • Terminal 2: Restaurants available here are the Starbucks, Wolfgang Puck Cafe, La Brea Bakery Cafe, Burger King and Roadhouse-Route Cafe. Shopping outlets are, Pacific Coast Shop, Hudson Shop, Jetway Shop, Flight Time Shop and I Love Los Angeles shop.
  • Terminal 3: Restaurants available are Gladstone's 4 Fish cafe, Burger King Cafe, Java Café and Starbucks Cafe. Shops here are mainly the Hudson stores and DFS shop.
  • Terminal 4: Famous Restaurants here are Mexican Grill, Burger King, Starbucks, Brioche and Chili's Too. Shopping outlets are Jetway shop, Hudson News, The Boutique, The candies shop and DFS Group shop.
  • Terminal 5 Restaurants that are available here are McDonald's Café, California Pizza Cafe, Haagen Dazs Creative Croissants Restaurant, El Cholo Cafe, Euro Coffee and, Malibu Cafe. Shops available are the DFS shop and LG shop.
  • Terminal 6 Restaurants available on this terminal are Java Java Café, Home Turf Grill, The Monet's Cinnabon Shop, Jody Maroni's, The California Deli, Starbucks and Redondo. Shopping outlets are Jetway Express, The Last Stop, Caterina'sand all the Hudson Stores.
  • Terminal 7 Restaurants available on this terminal are the Starbucks Cafe, McDonald's café, Wolfgang Puck, La Brea café, Baja Fresh Café and the Karl Strauss Café. Shops are in plenty with the likes of Jetway Book Store, DFS Shop, Hudson Shop, The Body Shop, Kidsworks shop and ACI shop.
  • Terminal 8 Restaurants available on this terminal are the Starbucks, Roadhouse-Route and the California Pizza Cafe Kitchen. Shop in this terminal is the Hudson Shop.


It is ranked fifth busiest Airport by passenger traffic in the world. Also it is ranked 15 in terms of cargo traffic. This means 80 million passengers travel using LAX and 2 million tons of cargo in transported through LAX.

The number of landings and takeoffs was around 630,000 in the 2014 alone.


Transportation within Terminals:

Shuttles are the main form of transport that connects passengers from terminals to terminals. Also underground tunnels interconnect terminals 4,5,6,7 and 8 to Tom Bradley terminal.


The 405 Freeway is reachable via Century and 105 Freeway can be accessed via the Sepulveda Boulevard.


They are two bus stops available to the terminals which are Sepulveda Boulevard and Century Boulevard. Buses that serve this terminals are Torrance 8,Metro 232, Commuter Express and Metro 117.

China Airlines also operates a bus service that commutes passengers from LAX to Rowland Heights and Monterey Park

FlyAway Bus:

This is a shuttle service operated by the LAWA which offer transport service between LAX and the entire Los Angeles. The shuttles are available at every terminal.

Taxis and private car services

Taxi services are available and operations are regulated by ATS. Also they are a number of private companies limousine services to LAX airport.

Future Modernization

LAWA is looking forward into future in terms of modernizing LAX. They are thinking of making major improvements on the terminals and runway. These improvements will improve ease of traffic, greater passenger experience and improve the Airport capability to handle larger passenger aircraft.

Also LAWA is planning on introducing automated people mover. The train will ferry passengers between the central terminal and the proposed Metro Crenshaw Line.

The best transportation deals At LAX

  • Shuttle service: Whenever you are planning to take a few weeks out a shuttle service can suitable for you. A shuttle service has a wide range pick up time upon arrive at the airport. Shuttle services are economical since you will be sharing the ride with several other people.
    With a shuttle you can basically leave your car at home hence you make a lot saving by avoiding parking fees at LAX. Once you book a shuttle service it comes and pick you up from your home.
    They are numerous options shuttle service available at LAX with the likes of Shuttle2LAX,GO Airport and Prime Time shuttle.
    Factors to consider when choosing shuttle services
    • 1: The distance you will traveling -Shuttle can be very effective especially when you are traveling for long distances.
    • 2: Are you traveling with Children? Most shuttles do not have child safety seats hence you will have to consider this factor when choosing a shuttle as your mode of transportation.
    • 3: Your appropriate time in regards to traffic in LA.LA has the most traffic so on choose shuttle services.
    • 4: You should consider the rate you are going to pay and how many people you will be traveling along with.
    • 5: Also a factor to consider it the luggage you will be carry along with when choosing a shuttle.
  • Private Car Service: Business travelers look for more effective and luxurious ways to travel. Business travelers go for private car service due to the following factors.
    • High productivity: Time is very sensitive issue for business so they would want a mode of transport that saves time. In addition to time business travelers would like a place where they make calls freely or a place where they can open their tablets and continue working while traveling.
      All this can be possible in Private Car Service where they can provide a limo or a modern SUV. Although cost is high with Private Car Service business people do not mind so much on cost. All they need is comfort and that admirable space.
    • Reliability: With private car service they cautious about their customer so they make sure their clients get to Airport in time. Private car services achieve this by tracking flights for their clients. Private car services always ahead of client in getting information about flight delays and cancellation.
    • Efficiency: Private car services are focused on corporate individuals and staff so they are so keen on monitoring airport traffic to improve their efficiency. They know which routes are safe and less congested.
    • Economics: Private Car Service pays monthly Airport charges so client are not subjected to parking charges. The client only transport charges with privilege of enjoying a smooth ride.
    • 24/7 hours service: Private Car Services are available 24 hours in a day you just have to call them and they pick wherever you are. Private Car Services staff are always online to make sure their client get 24 hours satisfaction. Also most private cars service have chat service where a client can chat directly to their staff directly concerning issue on travel. With this chat service client get price quotations and also make reservations.
    • Professional drivers: Private Car Services know the importance of hiring professional and well trained drivers. Chauffeurs represent the image of the company so when you hire good and professional drivers you company will hit the market hence good business.
      Drivers in many Private Car services have a dressing code so that they are appealing and presentable to customers.
    • Extras: Private car companies have toddlers seats in case you traveling with your kid a long with you. All this comes with no extra cost.
  • Buses: LAX FlyAway is the most popular schedule bus service from all LAX terminals and WestWood, Santa Monica and Hollywood. The one way fare is $8 per person. Tickets are purchased online via an e-ticket portal.


Currently part of Terminal 1 Departures drop-off lane is closed because some construction is undergoing you should avoid the curb side lane.

If in any case you are dropping off at Terminal 1 make sure you drive to the far end of the drop off lane there it is a little bit crowded.

During rush hour departure which is usually 5-9am daily make sure you drop off at the lowest level so that you can take an elevator up to departures. During busy arrives which usually Sunday nights observe an opposite trend to the one of departures.

Observe your travelling time and make sure you book flights during the slowest time at LAX which are 9-11am and 2-7 am. If you can schedule you flight o Tuesday or Wednesday it can be a little better because LAX is usually not busy on this days so you can a smooth and swift movement around the airport.

If you happened to come with your car consider parking at Lot C on West 96th St and Sepulveda. There is free LAX shuttle that goes direct into each and every terminal. If you are waiting to pick a passenger you can wait for free in around Lot C.


Shortcut 1

If you on the 405 Freeway south just take the Manchester Blvd exit go straight ahead and cross Florence Ave. Continue on Manchester but Head south (left) on Aviation Blvd. Then turn right onto Arbor Vitae St. When you reach there, take Sepulveda Blvd on the left to the Sky Way entrance ramp right after 92ndt.Look for the blue sign that says ”LAX Airport: To All Terminals” At that point head straight into the airport.

Shortcut 2

Go to Sepulveda Blvd. to the south, then head past In-N-Out Burger (at 92ndSt.) and check the signs to C Lot/96th St. on the right. Take 96th St. to Alverstone Ave. and take a right turn. Make a left turn onto Davidson Dr. and then left to 96th St., which will take you straight into the airport.

Shortcut 3

Take La Cienega Blvd. right to La Tijera Blvd go on you left onto Airport Blvthen right onto 96th St there you will find signs to the airport. At Parking Lot you can find shuttle to the airport and the Cell Phone Waiting.

Shortcut 4

On the 405 Freeway south head to exit Manchester Ave make it straight and cross Florence Ave. Onward go right to Manchester. Continue west and at Sepulveda Blvd turn left. You will meet the blue sign showing LAX Airport: To All Terminals into the airport.

Shortcut 5

Use the 405 Freeway north to exit El Segundo Blvd head you way left. Make your way right onto Aviation Blvd here do not make any turn until you Century Blvd. After that you go left. If you find it crowded keep going north on Aviation to Arbor Vitae St. then turn left. Turn south to met Sepulveda Blvd. I guess you meet signs leading you into the airport.

Shortcut 6

If it happens that you are approaching LAX on Century Blvd where it splits into two streets Century and the WorldWay Loop Airport entrance. Rather than using World Way, make it to the right and stay on Little Century and make it straight into LAX via the Arrivals Level airport entrance.


Shortcut 1

If it is happening you are dropping off at Terminals 6 or 7, while entering the airport, I urge you to stay on the far left lane then when on that lane make left turn across from Terminal 1 there you meet signs that point to United Express Terminal 7. On the Arrivals Level, the only shortest route will take you to Terminals 5, 6 & 7. On the Departures Level, the shortcut takes you to Terminals 6 & 7. I guess you will meet your way to exit the airport on these terminals.

Shortcut 2

On the Upper Level, you can make a left turn over Terminal 2 at signs directing you to P2, P5 and P6/Airport Exit. The shortcut will route to Terminal 5. Turn south to exit the airport an alternative route is just a left turn past Terminal 2 and then a sharp right at the sign, “To Arrivals,” which will puts you across from the Tom Bradley International Terminal on the Lower Level. Turn left to reach Terminals 4, 5, 6 & 7, or to exit of the airport.

Shortcut 3

In case you are dropping off at Terminals 1, 2 or 3 on Lower Level Please Stay on the left and look for Center Way across from the Tom Bradley International Terminal. On the blue sign for “Upper Level, Ticketing,” go ahead then make a right turn and then a left to exit the airport.


It is indeed a world class with a lot of traffic and facilities.It is ranked third in the entire US thanks to LAWA.Los Angeles community has really supported it with support facilities it offers towards it.