New Clients Who Want To Use Our Car Service Should Know ...

Mgcls car service online reservation platform is easy to use and in three easy steps you will make your reservation. Also you could find your quote very easy if is to and from lax airport just with entering the zip code or the name of the city.

Mgcls car service will reply to your online reservation request fast with out any delay, we open 24/7 to serve you and answer all your questions. If you don't have time to fill up our online reservation information after you find your quote, call us and our friendly staff will make your reservation in less than 2 minutes. Mgcls car service will try to make it very easy for our customers to receive incredible customer service.



when you set up a curbside pick with mgcls car service it means our Chauffeur will meet you outside by the curbside(in curbside pick-ups our driver will contact the passenger first either by calling or texting and client could call the driver directly when they are ready to get picked up)so when you request a curbside pick up with us please don't forget to provide us your mobile number for our driver to contact you upon your arrival.

When you are ready for curbside pick up, call your driver and tell them your exact location where your waiting at so this could be right by the curbside ( don't wait by taxi zone and supper shuttle zone also don't cross the island because other side is only for buses ).

Also give your driver your description because that makes it easier to locate you.

Please don't forget when you set a curbside pick up with mgcls car service, after you call your driver for pick up,it will take our driver about 10 minutes to arrive at your spot because they are waiting for you outside of lax airport for curbside pick up so normally takes 10 minutes to pick up somebody at lax for curbside pick up.


When you set up a meet and greet pick up with mgcls car service,our driver will park the vehicle in parking instructor and comes inside to hold a sign with your name on it so before you go to pick up your luggage,you will see your driver and our driver will help you with your luggage then you could walk with him/her to the vehicle and leave the lax airport ( for international arrivals meet and greet, you will meet your driver right after you passed the custom ).

Also for any reason you couldn't see your driver, please call us immediately and we will locate your drive for you ( sometimes client can not see the driver because it could be very busy terminal or sometimes aircraft gets to the different terminal ).

We recommended all of our clients to call us immediately if they have hard time to find the driver.

Also as a reminder, each terminal has its own parking lot so client won't walk long at all, only going to cross the street to get to parking lot.