The Oscar winner’s Malibu home, listed for $10.9 million, is in keeping with his image as one of Hollywood’s tenured playboys, while his $2.4 million Studio City pad reveals a more suburban side to the Oscar-winning star. Leonardo DiCaprio is unloading several pieces of h... Read More  

Monarch Airlines has been given a last-minute reprieve by the aviation authorities, who agreed to temporarily extend its licence to fly with only hours to go before Friday’s deadline.The airline’s existing Air Travel Organiser’s Licence (Atol) ran until midnight and it wa... Read More  

BMW, the carmaker that tries to abide by its “Sheer Driving Pleasure” as much as it can, didn’t keep its promise with the F48 X1. That’s due to the platform of the second-generation compact crossover, which is FWD by nature. But in spite of it all, the entry-level X car c... Read More  

The deadline is looming to submit another round of bid materials to the International Olympic Committee, but many Los Angeles city leaders continue to have questions about what legal and financial protections will be in place should L.A. be awarded the 2024 Summer Games ... Read More  

Kate McWilliams, 26, started flying when she was just 13 and became a pilot in 2011. Passengers and cabin crew ask Kate McWilliams how old she is "almost every day". The 26-year-old British woman recently qualified as an airline captain, making her the youngest commercial... Read More