Tucked into the Santa Monica Mountains overlooking the Pacific, just past the McMansions of the Pacific Palisades, lie the decaying, graffiti-plastered remains of what is believed to have been a 1930ís compound for Nazis in Los Angeles.A few years ago, I first hiked out t... Read More  

I had round-trip tickets to fly from Cleveland to Bangor, Maine, via Philadelphia on American Airlines recently. Three of the four flights were in first class. I paid a total of $957.American made unrequested changes to my flights several times, resulting in a downgrade t... Read More  

Between the fervor caused by the supercharged, 707 horsepower SRT Hellcat and the revelation that nearly 500 ponies can be had for less than $40k by opting for an R/T Scat Pack, the SRT 392 has become something of a neglected middle child in the Challenger lineup, more or... Read More  

For Americans, the pickup truck is something of a sacred cow. There’s a long-held set of conventions that many truck buyers consider obligatory – a body-on-frame platform is chief among them, along with purpose-built hardware like four wheel drive transfer cases and a sol... Read More  

Alaska Airlines has gained a reputation for being willing to test new technology on its passengers.The Seattle-based carrier tried adding solar panels to power its passenger ramps in 2013. The airline tested out fingerprint machines to identify passengers at its airport l... Read More